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About Dr. Hentoff

Dr. Steven Hentoff in his Natick, Massachusetts office
Dr. Steven Hentoff

Dr. Steven Hentoff is a licensed psychologist and Certified Health Services Provider, with specialized training in pediatric neuropsychology.

Education and Specialized Training

He is a magna cum laudae graduate of Brandeis University and received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Miami in 1984. Dr. Hentoff completed his pre-doctoral training at the University of Miami School Of Medicine and clinical internship at Hall Brooke Hospital in Westport, CT. He completed his post doctoral training in neuropsychology at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA.

Professional Positions

Dr. Hentoff has held positions at a number of health care and psychiatric facilities in the greater Boston area, including Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, The University of Massachusetts Medical School and the former Charles River Hospital in Wellesley, MA.

In addition to maintaining his private practice in Natick, Dr. Hentoff is currently on staff in the Neurodevelopment Center at the Mass General Hospital North for Children in Salem, MA, where for the past 15 years he has served as senior supervisor in their post doctoral training program in pediatric neuropsychology. He has also held the position of Lecturer in Psychology through the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Professional Memberships

Dr. Hentoff is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society. He has presented at a number of schools and health care facilities in the greater Boston area on topics related to leaning disabilities, ADHD, homework issues, neuropsychological assessment and integrative models of psychological treatment.